As a non profit organization, we rely heavily on donations to help fund our program to supply us with our daily needs.  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to us please contact Equine Manager Amanda Thompson.

​What we take in on daily donations:

  • ​Horses (see below for specifications).
  • Horse feeds and hay.
  • Tack: halters, saddles, bridles, bits, pads, blankets, etc.
  • ​Shavings for bedding.
  • Funding for vet and farrier care for B&GH owned equines.
  • Funding for large projects such as a new show barn, small arena, round pen, our Equine Therapy program, etc.

Horse Donations:  Here at B&GH farm we take in horses on donation to either use in our lesson and therapy program, as project horses.  Horses must have a current negative coggins and have a body score of a 4 or higher.  All horses are tax deductible with a maximum value of $5,000.  Any single horse valued beyond that, the owner must submit proof such as a professional appraisal.

  • Horses used in our lesson and therapy program must be broke, easy to handle, and safe for beginners and those with special needs. Minor maintenance issues are sometimes acceptable.  Horses with prior show and/or trail experience are preferred.
  • For project horses we look for young (under 6 years old), athletic horses with potential to excel in the show ring or on the trail.  These horses must be 100% sound and be able to pass a pre purchase exam.  AQHA and APHA horses are preferred but we are open to all breeds as well as some grade horses.  Project horses will stay in our training program for a minimum of 6 months. From there we determine what each horses' potential may be whether it enter our lesson program, prospect for showing or a good all around trail horse.  Horses that we decide to sell will have a solid foundation in their training and advertised appropriately so that they are paired with buyers who will be matched according to their level of experience.  
  • Broodmares are accepted very sparingly as we only take in those registered with AQHA or APHA.  Broodmares do not have to be sound, however, we do look for quality in the breed and mares that will be compatible with our current stallion and other stallions we may use. We are interested in horses that may be cutting, reining, racing, and pleasure bred.
  • Stallions will only be considered if they have proven themselves in the show ring and are registered AQHA or APHA.  Injury or minor lameness is fine as long as they are breeding sound.  

** We are not under any circumstances required to take any donations from anyone that we do not see fit for our program.  Once horses are donated to our program, the owner gives up all rights and ownership of said horse.  Although we will always have the best intentions for any horse, B&GH has the right to make all decisions based on that horses future as long as they are owned by B&GH.