Ring 2 (Pictures coming soon)


STALL BOARD (12' X 10')

  • Local Coastal Bermuda hay.
  • Training and retirement board available.
  • ​Large, lush pastures year around that are fertilized and sprayed as needed.
  • Local vet and farrier on routine schedule.
  • ​Pasture & private paddock board.
  • ​Limited stall board available.
  • 110' x 265' lighted, covered arena.
  • 120' x 200' lighted, outdoor arena.
  • 100' x 150' outdoor arena.
  • 50' round pen.
  • Restrooms, bath houses & campsites.
  • Trailer parking.
  • Wash & tacking area.
  • Large tack room.
  • ​Mule City Feeds & Alfalfa.
  • Multiple horse discounts may available.

Covered Arena ​(Pictures coming soon)

We have a variety of boarding options that are guaranteed to be affordable ​​and competitive.  From highly competitive equestrians of any discipline, trail riders, to those who are just looking for a place for retirement for their fellow equine on beautiful green pastures, we are here to accommodate what you and your equines needs.

Horses mules, and donkeys.. All equines welcome!

  • ​Stall board is $5/day in addition to primary board (pasture or paddock).

​*We will not stall horses for long periods of time without proper turnout, unless for medical reasons advised by a vet.  Stalls will be picked out once per day. 

  • Basic board. Owner provides grain.                       $350/mth.
  • B&GH Provides grain.                                                 $450/mth.

​Pasture board horses receive one to two feedings per day depending on their dietary needs. Hay will only be provided if the pasture is not meeting the forage needs and during winter months. We have 15 pastures encompassing over 60 acres shaded by pecan trees. Mineral blocks, clean water with automatic floats, and run in sheds are accessible at all times.

*Here at BGH, we can provide locally grown coastal Bermuda hay.  Feeds and alfalfa pellets are provided by a local milling company Mule City Feeds out of Benson, NC.

However, owners have the option to provide any brand or type of grain just so long as the horse appears to remain a healthy appearance and body score.  Requirements include annual negative coggins and vaccines E/W/T plus Westnile, Rabies, and  Rhino Flu annually. 

We have a local large animal vet, Pineview Veterinary Services, and farrier, John Moseley Sr., that visits the facility for routine and/or emergency care.  As a boarder you can use our providers or bring in your own.   Owners are responsible for all veterinary and farrier care for their horse(s).  Although we are here to assist in holding your horses for appointments in your absence, boarders are responsible for paying for service directly to the provider on time.


  • Basic board. Owner provides grain.               .      $550/mth.
  • ​B&GH provides grain and hay.                                $650/mth.

​Paddock boarded horses receive two feedings per day, hay included.  Mineral blocks and clean water are present at all times. Paddocks range from 5,000 to 7,000 sq ft. with run in sheds and 4'5" ft high wood fencing.


Ring 1 (Pictures coming soon)

Additional offerings (TBD per request):

  • Blanketing and/or sheeting
  • Bathing and grooming
  • ​Administering any medications.
  • Medicating or treatments of any kind.
  • Quarantine period for any reason.
  • Additional feedings and/or rations.
  • Exercising horses
  • Any additional request made by owners can be discussed with Equine Manager.

Please contact Equine Manager Amanda Thompson for more information in regards to boarding.