The Farms History:

​In 1966, the Boys & Girls Homes of NC purchased what is now known as the Farm and Exhibition Center from Mr. Paul Sutton.​ It was comprised of 108 acres and had previously been used primarily as a pecan groove with some pastured cattle until Mr. Sutton retired  and  much of the farm had not been kept up.  The initial offer was $1000 per acre of land. Because the Boys Home was and still is a non profit organization, such money didn't come very easy.  It was attempted and successful to find one thousand people to give $100 each and that was how the farm was purchased.

Boys Home at that time had only male residents.  The farm was purchased to provide a place where the boys could learn how to work in an agricultural environment and to find some recreational area away from the cottage campus.  It was also used to grow some of the food for the campus which included a large vegetable garden as well as the livestock. Over the years hogs were also raised on the farm in addition to the cattle.  The boys participated in the county youth livestock shows showing both cattle and hogs.  Horses have been a part of the farm from the very beginning providing a source of recreation for the campus residents.

​In the early 1990's the exhibition center and arena was built, along with several stalls to be used for hosted events such as horse shows, rodeos, car shows, dog shows, festivals, musical events, etc.  The farm and exhibition center not only acted as a place of recreation and work for its residents, but a great source of income that reverts to the operating budget for the programs of care.  When our nation took a great economical impact in the mid 2000's, so did events especially those involving equines.  The economy has made great strides in the past decade and we are currently making our greatest attempts at restoring our farm and exhibition center to offer one of the best facilities on the east coast. Barns are being restored and built to accommodate larger horse shows. A new Equine program was put into place in March of 2016, the George Fehr & Hans Tachau Equine Therapy & Horsemanship Training Center primarily to offer more opportunities for our current residents but we now also offer services to the public which in turn generates revenue. These services include horse sales, boarding, lessons, training, and equine therapy. Since March of 2016, we have come great lengths in improving our facility for not only events, but for the equine program as well so that our children have every opportunity to pursue even the smallest interest that ranges from therapeutic to possibly a life long career. 

Mission Statement: 

​​Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Inc. is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of residential and community-based services to meet the needs of vulnerable children by addressing their physical, emotional, social, educational and spiritual development.

What we do:

  • Accept donations in various forms whether it be livestock, hay, feed, funding, tack, volunteers and much more.
  • Provide EAGALA, a form of equine therapy, to our residents.
  • Offer a variety boarding opportunities for all equines no matter the discipline or age.
  • Training from colt starting through advanced stages as well as problemed horses.
  • Although not discipline specific, Ranch style riding is our main focus and foundation.
  • Offer quality horses for sale suited for showing, trail riding, young project horses and everything in between.
  • Host clinics, Open and Breed shows, rodeos, weddings, and other events.